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In Conversation with Madame LaQueer

What’s the Puerto Rican goddess been up to since season four? We found out!

Our favourite run of Drag Race has got to be seasons 4 to 6, where we were greeted with some sickening talent and plenty of drama. The stellar cast of season four brought all of the drama with the likes of Sharon Needles, Latrice Royale, Willam, and Phi Phi O’Hara all serving us gag-worthy moments.

Season four also introduced us to one Madame LaQueer. She instantly became a meme queen with her iconic “Are we talking about beavers or… EWWWW!” and making it to the fourth episode. Since the show, Madame has had a bit of a transformation (more on that in a bit) and has continue to wow crowds with her performances.

Forget Daenerys, Madame is the mother of all dragons. She’s had over 16 drag daughters throughout her drag career, showing she has the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to show them the way to drag stardom.

Talking all things Drag Race, gaming, and transformations, we had the opportunity to have a quick catch up with the glamorous Puerto Rican queen as she gears up for another showstopping performance at Micky’s Bar in West Hollywood later this month.

It feels like a lifetime ago since Season 4! What have you been up to since the show?

Well, after Drag Race I realised that I needed to do some soul searching, have a change of atmosphere and just change in general. So I moved to California. I currently reside in Orange County, I’ve already been called out for acting too much like a OC Housewife!

Physically I went through some changes. For starters, I lost 100 pounds and fixed my smile. Also shaved my head and my mole. I currently work at a major drug store managing their cosmetics department and that has helped the drag train to keep chugging.

What are your favourite moments from your time on Drag Race?

Whenever they served cocktails! I enjoyed the wrestling challenge so much, I felt like a kid going back to my Royal Rumble riots.

You just narrowly missed out on Snatch Game, which celebrity would you have liked to portray?

I had Liza Minelli. Seeing Alexis Michelle’s performance made me glad I didn’t do it!

We’ve got to talk about All Stars 3. Which queen were you most excited for?

Morgan is my home girl, besides being a well-rounded entertainer she has that spunk that some may take as bitchiness (unless she is actually trying to be). Also Trixie Mattel, I love me some Trixie!

You’ve been quite open on social media about your dislike for President Trump. If you could say anything to him, what would it be?

Sashay Away.

You’re a pretty big gaymer. What game are you most excited for in 2018?

I’m waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 ever since I finished KH2 when it first came out. I’m all about Overwatch. It’s gotten me going since it came out and still has me hooked – it’s like digital crack.

Who’s your go-to Overwatch hero?

Junkrat, Pharrah, Reinhardt. We must escort the payload. But, my favourite hero says “heroes never die”!

What’s one thing about you that many people may not know or be aware of?

That I’ve started sewing better and that I identify myself as queer.

Thanks Madame!

Be sure to follow the lovely Madame LaQueer on her Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all things LaQueer.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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