Gia Gunn reveals details on unaired trans conversation with RuPaul

“I just felt really hurt.”

Gia Gunn was more than aware of the opportunity given to her as part of being on the latest season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’.

Becoming the first trans contestant on All Stars since RuPaul’s controversial comments in an interview last year, it was a chance for Gunn to have an open discussion with the reality TV host. Unfortunately for viewers at home, it looks like that discussion will remain unaired.

Speaking to Willam and Alaska on their Drag Race recap podcast Race Chaser (which is deffo worth a listen, BTW), Gia revealed that she did indeed have a conversation with RuPaul. When asked by Willam if she’d had any words with the host “about her past thoughts on having trans people on her show”, the contestant replied with: “Well, I did. Of course, it wasn’t aired.”

Gunn added: “I very well knew that none of that was going to air because the show is not about making her look anything but great.”

Spilling more T than we could have imagined, she continued: “If we were going to bring somebody on the show to basically, you know, clean up somebody’s mess, obviously that fell on me, right?”

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“Because months before she had made a statement that was completely opposite of what they did. And I knew by being cast that I was going on there to basically show the world that this show does quote unquote support trans and that she does see trans people as drag queens.”

During the premiere episode of All Stars, Gia had impressed the judges with her Kabuki theatre performance as part of the opening talent show. In the latest ‘Snatch Game’-inspired episode, she chose to portray Cardi B’s nail art guru Jenny Bui and failed to impress.

Truthfully it really hurt my feelings and I had a really big breakdown in between sets.

“I felt completely disregarded. I didn’t feel acknowledged. I didn’t feel wanted, to be there in the competition,” the contestant added when speaking to the Drag Race stars during the podcast.

“Truthfully it really hurt my feelings and I had a really big breakdown in between sets and I was just like, “If I’m getting this feeling from her and I don’t feel very welcome then what the fuck am I doing here?'”

“So for me to get there and for us to be on episode three, never have eye contact with her, never have any sort of acknowledgement of “oh, you’ve come so far” or “your journey has been so beautiful to watch” or anything of that sort. I just felt really hurt.”

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ continues on VH1. The show airs on Comedy Central and Now TV in the UK.

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