Five Facts About Trixie Mattel

Oh, honey! Trixie Mattel is ready for playtime on All Stars.

We’ve spent the last week catching up with the stellar cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and the last contestant is the one and only Trixie Mattel!

After falling in love with her during season seven, Trixie went on to appear on UNHhhh with Katya and has become one of the biggest stars of the show.

Without further ado, here’s get straight into five facts about this doll queen.

Her Name Was Inspired By Rocky Horror

Yep, whilst most people will know of the obvious Barbie connections to the character of Trixie Mattel, the name actually originated after a performance of The Rocky Horror Show in Milwaukee.

A tough relationship with her step-dad resulted in her being called a “Trixie” whenever she acted feminine. When she had to step last-minute into the Rocky Horror production, her character’s name was Trixie. It was like fate had aligned.

She’s a Fully-fledged Country Star

In 2017, Trixie Mattel released her debut studio album Two Birds. The album was an instant success, charting in the top 10 on the US Independent Albums chart.

Two Birds was a collection of six original tracks written by Brian Firkus, the real name of Trixie Mattel. The first track Mama Don’t Make Me Put on the Dress Again received the music video treatment and even featured a cameo appearance from Will and Grace star Leslie Jordan.

Her Exit Was Controversial

Trixie’s first elimination on season eight caused a bit of a stir, to put it lightly. Shortly after the airing of the episode, the hashtag #JusticeForTrixie was trending and even resulted in RuPaul having to acknowledge it on his Twitter.

Whilst Trixie was back in the running shortly after, she was still deemed to have had an unjustified run. A recent poll received over 19,300 votes for Trixie in a “queen who left too early” category. The fans will never forget.

‘UNHhhh’ is One Of The Most Popular Web Series

Who would have thought that a show on a little-known YouTube channel which sees two drag queens, Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, talk about everyday subjects become so popular?

UNHhhh‘ is a trippy talk show that is so unique and unusual that it works perfectly. The show has now racked up over 40 million views, making it one of World of Wonder’s most popular YouTube shows by far.

Last year, Trixie and Katya both landed themselves a show on VICELAND. ‘The Trixie & Katya Show’ is pretty much a continuation of ‘UNHhhh’, with more added umph.

She’s a Hilarious Performer

One thing that massively seperates Trixie from her fellow All Stars competitors is just how much of a comedian she can be, mostly stemming from her ad-libs and reactions to things. Many of her one-woman shows have focused primarily on her stand-up comedy routine, and it’s definitely worth bagging yourself a ticket to one of her shows when she’s next in town.

Take a watch of the clip below to see for yourself just how uniquely funny Trixie can be.

Catch Trixie and the rest of the All Stars queens on Thursday 25th January at 8PM on VH1 in the US and on Saturday 27th January at 10PM on Comedy Central in the UK

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