Five Facts About Thorgy Thor

I feel incredible! Thorgy Thor is ready for All Stars.

The third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is just around the corner now, and we’re BEYOND excited! Joining the cast is season eight’s Thorgy Thor, who dazzled us with her fruit snacks, Michael Jackson impersonation and an out-there performance of Chocolate Chip Cookie on RuCo’s Empire.

We’ve still got plenty more of Thorgy Thor yet to see, so here’s hoping she brings it on All Stars! Here’s five facts to get you ready for Thorgy’s return.

She Auditioned For Drag Race Plenty of Times!

Before getting onto season eight of Drag Race, Thorgy had applied to be on the show seven other times. Yep, she’s a serial auditioner from the get-go of season one. Thankfully, producers saw something in Thorgy and she made it on to the show. Now, she’s getting a second chance too!

She’s a Musicial Artiste

We all know that Thorgy has some serious talent, especially in the form of her musical capabilities. Not only can she play violin, viola and cello, but she also owns her own musician company. Booking players for over 60 events a year, it’s a job that keeps her busy.

Take a look at Thorgy playing violin in a video from 2009:

She Has Big, Big Plans

Speaking of her musical abilities, Thorgy has her eyes set on another stage. After the Drag Race stage, Thorgy has big ambitions to conduct her own orchestra around the world.

The project, which she dubs a ‘Thorchestra’, would involve hiring local players in each of the cities they perform in. Organising an 80-piece orchestra is by no means an easy project to set up, but you can definitely sign us up for a front row ticket!

Thorgy told The Huffington Post:

I have a lot of ideas that I want to do. One that I’ve really been excited about the last couple of weeks is doing a multi-media stage production of Shel Silverstein poems. I want to create little videos to each one but also run around and change costumes to become each character in each of these poems. And, of course, I want to run my “Thorchestra” which is an 80-piece orchestra at Lincoln Center with me conducting. Bigger projects like that.

Her Original Name Was Quite Different

During her early 20’s, Thorgy’s original name was in actual fact Shananigans. Somewhere along the line though, her name was changed. The name ‘Thorgy Thor’ is actually inspired by her real middle name. Born Shane Galligan, his middle name was Thor – named after his grandfather. The ‘Thorgy’ is a combination of Thor and Orgy, obvz.

She Knows How To Get The Crowd Going

Feeling incredible? Take a watch of one of Thorgy’s best performances to show you just how good she is. We can’t wait for her return to Drag Race!

Catch Thorgy and the rest of the All Stars queens on Thursday 25th January at 8PM on VH1 in the US and on Saturday 27th January at 10PM on Comedy Central in the UK.

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