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Real-life couple and social influencers front new Adonis Underwear campaign

In a bid to show diversity amongst the underwear industry, Adonis by Kyhry underwear have enlisted Instagram influencers Johnnell Terrell and Tyrone Wells to front their latest photo campaign and the results are STUNNING.

Terrell and Wells are both in a relationship together, and when asked about what it’s like to work with each other, Terrell said: “It’s always great working alongside my partner and doing the photo shoot together has opened our minds to be able to work creatively and feed off each other’s energy.”

(Adonis by Kyhry)

Both Tyrone Wells and Johnell Terrell have recently appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, while Johnnell Terrell has previously worked with celebrity photographers Mark Henderson and Noire 3000. They have both hosted a number of Pride events across the country, including Blatino Oasis, Miami Sizzle, and DC Black Pride.

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Johnell Terrell said of the photo shoot, which was captured by Atlantan photographer Elvis Piedra: “We wanted to do this campaign because we believe in the product and vision behind it. Being able to be a part of this has been an amazing experience.

I feel there are not enough black men who are able to express their art in the underwear industry as white men are usually given the majority of opportunities.

I feel, as gay black men, we can really push limits on the freedom of expressing that art while using a platform to be recognized for. We believe in this new wave of social media, it creates more outlets of diversity.

Adonis founder Kyhry Taylor said: “I choose them to be models for this campaign because I wanted to show two guys that are comfortable with embracing each other.”

Taylor added that “this campaign is important because it shows that it’s okay for two gay guys to be comfortable in their own skin…Sadly, our community still deals with a lot of homophobia so it’s important to show a positive representation of gay men and gay love”.

Take a look at some of the hot photos from the campaign below and be sure to give both the guys a follow on their Instagram accounts!

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(Adonis by Kyhry)
(Adonis by Kyhry)
(Adonis by Kyhry)

(Adonis by Kyhry)

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