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A makeup museum is opening in New York and it looks FABULOUS

The Makeup Museum will open in May 2020 at 94 Gansevoort St. in Meatpacking, Manhattan, New York City and from the sound of its debut exhibition, it’s set to be a must-see visit.

The flagship opening will begin with the immersive Pink Jungle: 1950s Makeup in America, which will explore the entrepreneurs, icons and artefacts of the decade.

The exhibition will be sponsored by Erno Laszlo and makeup purveyor Alcone. Tickets go on sale in March 2020 and the early access waitlist is currently live on the Makeup Museum’s website.

“The Makeup Museum is a critical institution for the cultural landscape in New York because makeup has a 10,000 year history. There is so much that the Makeup Museum wants and has to explore,” says Doreen Bloch, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Makeup Museum.

“The 1950s is a perfect time period for the Makeup Museum to start with for the debut exhibition because the 1950s is the birth of the modern cosmetics industry.”

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The Makeup Museum brings together beauty industry veterans including Doreen Bloch (CEO of beauty research company Poshly Inc.), Caitlin Collins (former editor of, Rachel Goodwin (celebrity makeup artist), and advisors including Gabriela Hernandez (CEO of Besame Cosmetics), Kate Hawkins & Carr Chadwick (And Or Forever), Christine Schott Ledes (President of the American Influencer Association), and Annie Lundsten (Museum Specialist).

“It will be so powerful for people to understand the significance makeup has, and its integral part of every culture in the world. As a makeup artist, I am so excited to be part of this,” says Rachel Goodwin, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Makeup Museum Co-Founder.

“The Makeup Museum is all about artists, creators and makeup lovers from around the globe.”

The Makeup Museum will create an immersive experience that presents vintage artefacts and robust educational information alongside aesthetic spaces and unique events.

Brand sponsors of the Makeup Museum play a special role in presenting never-before-seen in public elements of makeup history, such as Erno Laszlo’s collection of facial products used by Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo.

“We love looking back and being inspired by our rich heritage as we move forward. Erno Laszlo was founded by the world’s first skin doctor and we’re often associated with cultural icons like Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn, both of them his clients during the 1950’s,” says Kristy Watson, CMO at Erno Laszlo.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the Makeup Museum to share our rich history with beauty enthusiasts from all over the world.”

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“Alcone is thrilled to be an Official Sponsor for the Makeup Museum’s debut exhibition. Entertainment icons and professional makeup artists alike have been purchasing beauty products from Alcone since 1952, and we are excited to showcase our rich history in the beauty industry for the Makeup Museum’s visitors and fans around the globe,” says Maria Stewart, CEO at Alcone.

Beauty lovers are invited to participate in the lead-up to the exhibition debut by contributing to a GoFundMe campaign for the Makeup Museum.

“We want to encourage the makeup community to come together in a big, meaningful way with both physical and digital touchpoints,” says Caitlin Collins, Co-Founder of the Makeup Museum.

“Makeup is the past, present and future. Now is the time to make the Makeup Museum a reality.”

Written by Jackie S.

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