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AdultPR’s Sarah Ryland on why she loves her job promoting LGBTQ+ adult entertainers

Working in PR can be a thriving job role, working with a multitude of clients on a number of different campaigns all at the same time. But, it can take an even more interesting angle when it’s adult PR and involves representing some of the biggest names in adult entertainment.

To tell us more about the PR world of adult entertainment is Sarah Ryland, the Managing Director of AdultPR. Representing stars in adult entertainment might be tricky for some people, but Ryland and her company have made it their passion and have managed to secure some great coverage for their clients, many of which are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s safe to say that Ryland and her team never have a boring day in the office.

In most 9-5 offices, the subject of sex is rarely touched upon, unless it’s from that one colleague that always makes inappropriate comments around the office. It’s commonly labelled as a taboo topic that should be tucked away for ‘personal time’. However, imagine emailing your clients about their top tips for the best anal sex or openly discussing sex toys and scissoring over the board table.

In the world of PR, this is a reality when you represent adult entertainment clients. I set up a company called AdultPR that endeavours to not only promote adult entertainer’s brands but to change the perception of them. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as it is the most interesting… and sometimes shocking job. Instead of business trips to visit investors or accountants, we take flights to attend sexpos where people parade around naked.

Instead of being scared to be caught with NSFW content, my employees are actively encouraged to research it.

Having represented some of the finest stars in the adult industry, there is little we haven’t seen or heard in our office. A typical day will begin the same way any PR will start their working day, by checking our emails and browsing the headlines. We’d usually be looking for any scandals or news in the adult industry to see if there is anything our clients can comment on. This in itself can be very interesting, such as ringing your client to ask them their stance on the health benefits of orgasms at 9am on a Monday morning.

I would definitely say the most interesting and shocking elements of our job come from the campaigns we run and the events we attend. One of my personal highlights has been attending the New York Pride parade. We spent the whole parade dancing on a float covered in whips and chains, with a giant penis-shaped cannon shooting out glitter over the crowds below.

There’s an air of freedom around the event as a celebration of equality and empowerment.

The atmosphere was amazing and this particular event was covered by MTV, so it’s really great to see our clients enjoying the exposure we have secured for them too.

It’s very easy to get swept up in the chaos and madness of these events, however, we know that we are there with a job to do and have to remain focused. Usually, there is a campaign that we’re trying to promote for the client that can have very serious messages. For example, we’ve previously worked on projects about sexual health, sex education and LGBTQ+ equality, that have dealt with some big issues within the adult industry.

Amongst all of the light-heartedness and fun of the adult industry, it’s so important to keep in mind the more serious side of it.

It’s always great to feel like you’re helping your clients make a difference by making people aware of the dangers as well as making it safer for those who work within the industry.

Overall, it’s the adult stars that make this job so interesting and rewarding. I think everyone has a preconception about people within the adult industry and the LGBTQ+ stars can sometimes be given a bad rap in particular.

The work that I do with AdultPR has opened my eyes to the fact that some people’s attitudes are still antiquated and this keeps me motivated to keep changing them. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t change it for anything.

Written by Sarah Ryland

Sarah Ryland is the Managing Director of AdultPR, a marketing, design and PR agency for clients specialising in the adult industry. Offering hands-on support, they will help clients with running a launch event, planning a rebrand or even engaging with bloggers and influencers.

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