Tiberiu Căpudean


This Photographer Promotes Gay Body Positivity In New Collection

“I wanted to show that most of us are just regular people, with regular jobs.”

In a bid to promote body acceptance and fight homophobia at the same time, Romanian photographer Tiberiu Căpudean’s latest collection ‘N•A•K•E•D’ is a bold look at the male body.


The project sees naked men photographed as they are asked to recount experiences of discrimination in their life. Speaking to Gay Star News for the launch of the project, Căpudean explains the collection is in response to the homophobia in his homeland of Bucharest, stating that:

Romania is a highly homophobic country. There’s still a lot of prejudice, discrimination and violence. And while in Bucharest and a few larger cities there are some minor improvements, in the rural areas it’s quite dangerous being out.

Photographing over 200 men from a variety of different backgrounds, countries and professions, the collection allows the user to take an intimate look at these men and how they have experienced, and dealt with, discrimination.

I strongly believe that the LGBTQ community needs more visibility. Therefore, N•A•K•E•D emerged from this need and from my desire to help those who are not part of a sexual minority to understand us. Not to accept us. I never liked this approach. Because loving or being attracted to another man isn’t something wrong.

So, fighting against homophobia was the main reason for my project. But there are other criteria based on which people are discriminated against: racism, xenophobia, body shaming, ageism, stereotyping, etc.


The ‘N•A•K•E•D’ collection includes a French tailor, a Chinese student, and a sales manager in Italy who recalls being called “fatty” and hairy at school, but “today I try to accept myself and be happy with the body I have. It’s not easy every day.”

Căpudean is currently in the process of organising exhibitions in Brussels, Madrid, and Bucharest, where it will be organised within Bucharest Pride Week in June.

Keep up to date with the N•A•K•E•D project via Căpudean’s Instagram (@tiberiucapudean).

See some of the images below.

Tiberiu Căpudean
Tiberiu Căpudean
Tiberiu Căpudean
Tiberiu Căpudean

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