This Artist Turned Trixie Mattel Into The Tastiest Pizza

Trixie Mattel in pizza form? Oh yes, honey!

Nathan Wyburn is a Welsh Fine Art graduate who creates celebrity portraits and pop culture imagery with the most unlikely of materials: food and everyday items.

At the age of 25, Nathan has already had his work featured on news channels across the globe, appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, and even had Stephen Fry calling his work “absolutely amazing.”

For his latest project, Nathan decided to recreate Trixie Mattel, one of his favourite Drag Race stars, into pizza because why not?

Meeting up with Trixie as she performed in Cardiff in February, Nathan presented his pizza portrayal of her. Speaking to QWEERIST about meeting the drag superstar and her reaction, Nathan said “she called me a weirdo, which is the best compliment.”

We caught up with Nathan to find out about what made him decide to transform Trixie into pizza and who could be next on his list:

I’m a Drag Race fan so whenever the queens come to Cardiff (where I’m based), I always try my best to get a portrait to them! Sharon Needles loved hers made with fake blood, obviously…  Adore Delano and Michelle Visage loved theirs in make up and Trixie was pizzafied (takes about 2 hours) because I thought it would be a little more quirky for her! I loved my glitter portraits a lot so I’d like to get one of those to Bianca or Courtney next!

So where does the inspiration come from? Nathan says that:

The inspiration can come from anywhere, sometimes it’s the person first, sometimes it’s the material. I could be walking down the isle in the supermarket and see something and think ooooo… or it could be a current story, a new song lyric or a persons stereotype. For Example Britney with peanut butter and jelly because she’s America’s Sweetheart, RuPaul in make-up, Judy Garland in rainbow drops sweets because of Somewhere Over The Rainbow… it’s all light-hearted fun! Although I have dipped into politics here and there such as my Trump portrait created with Mexican nachos and salsa… I’ll leave that there.

Take a look at some of Nathan’s other creations below, and be sure to follow him on his Twitter and Instagram pages to find out about his latest projects. He’s also released his own book ‘Not That Kind of Art’, which is a collection of his many art creations.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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