Artist Re-imagines Films with ‘Queer Movie Stills’ Project

An artist has recreated some of the most iconic movie scenes, but with a new, queer perspective.

Thanks to the likes of ‘Carol’, ‘Moonlight’, and ‘Call Me By Your Name’, queer cinema is having a bit of a surge in popularity (or at least it is when it comes to awards season), but that still doesn’t mean there’s enough LGBTQ+ representation at the cinema.

A San Francisco artist has decided to take the matter into her own hands and make some slight changes to some of the most iconic scenes in movie history.

Crystal Vielula is a graduate from the California College of the Arts and currently works as an artist and a fashion designer. Her most recent exhibition ‘Queer Movie Stills’ has just been shown at the Castro District in San Francisco.


The exhibition sees some of our favourite films from Titanic, Ghost, and Grease re-imagined with queer characters and perspectives. The reason for it? Vielula explains to KQED that it’s all down to the fact that “it’s hard to find representation of happy queer love in popular media. We need to create them in our own imaginations.”

Vielula says that the idea for this particular project came to her when in a lesbian relationship. “We would always try to find movies to watch together — like romantic comedies or anything that would be nice and fun to watch,” she says, before adding that they struggled to find something that they could relate to and that properly depicted their kind of relationship.

She decided that for their to be something which mirrored her relationship, she would need to create them herself and so ‘Queer Movie Stills’ was born.


The iconic movie scenes are brought to life in their new perspective in a palette of bright colours and vibrant aesthetic which really brings their re-imagining to life.

You can take a look at the full collection on Crystal Vielula’s website.

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