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Know Your History: When Are These Awareness Days?

Think you know when Harvey Milk Day is? Try your luck at our latest quiz.

It seems that nowadays there is pretty much an awareness day on every day of the year, making things pretty tough to keep up with. Whether it’s National Banana Day on the 18th April or even International Rabbit Day on the 23rd September, we’re struggling to find space in our choka-packed calendars!

That being said, whilst there are some fun awareness days to have a bit of a laugh with, there are a fair few important days which are used to evoke a message or help build support.

There are quite a few LGBTQ+ awareness days out there, so we thought it would be worth seeing just how many of these days you know the date of! Don’t be alarmed if you don’t know them, we’ve conveniently let you know the answers once you’ve guessed. We won’t even humour you by letting you know how poorly some of the team did…

Try your luck below, and don’t forget to share the quiz with your mates and see how they match up!

Main image credit: EFE via ABC.

  • When is “International Women’s Day”?

    • 8th March
    • 8th April
    • 8th May
    • 8th June
  • When is “World AIDS Day”?

    • 1st December
    • 2nd December
    • 3rd December
    • 4th December
  • When is “Harvey Milk Day”?

    • 22nd May
    • 21st May
    • 23rd May
    • 20th May
  • When is “Lesbian Visibility Day”?

    • 26th April
    • 26th May
    • 26th February
    • 26th March
  • When is “Pansexual Pride Day”?

    • 8th December
    • 6th December
    • 10th December
    • 4th December
  • What day did the Stonewall Riots occur in 1969?

    • 28th June
    • 26th June
    • 24th June
    • 22nd June
  • When is “Asexual Awareness Week”?

    • Last week of October
    • First week of October
    • Last week of November
    • First week of November
  • When is “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”?

    • 23rd September
    • 23rd October
    • 23rd November
    • 23rd December

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