GRiz is wearing the 'I Love Me' t-shirt and the 'Proud' underwear. (Photo credit: Jason Siegel)
GRiz is wearing the 'I Love Me' t-shirt and the 'Proud' underwear. (Photo credit: Jason Siegel)

DJ and electronic producer GRiZ fronts new MeUndies Pride collection

In celebration of Pride month, electronic music artist and producer GRiZ has partnered with leading underwear company MeUndies, to be the face of their 2019 Pride collection.

MeUndies identified GRiZ as the perfect ambassador to champion their shared values of self-expression, acceptance, individuality and being comfortable in your own skin, given his personal connection and influential voice within the LGBTQ+ community.

Starting today, the colourful collection of three Pride prints for all shapes and sizes will be available online.

For every pair of Pride Undies sold, MeUndies will donate $1 to the Happy Hippie Foundation – a nonprofit that brings awareness to and supports homeless youth, LGBTQ+ youth and other vulnerable populations. 

GRiz is wearing the 'I Love Me' t-shirt and the 'Proud' underwear. (Photo credit: Jason Siegel)
GRiz is wearing the ‘I Love Me’ t-shirt and the ‘Proud’ underwear. (Photo credit: Jason Siegel)

“MeUndies’ mission is to fuel authentic self-expression,” said MeUndies’ Founder and CEO Jonathan Shokrian.

“As long as our community feels empowered to be who they genuinely are, then we know we’re doing our job. That’s why celebrating Pride runs so deep with us.

“Partnering with GRiZ in bringing these values to life was an honor, and we’re proud to share this collaboration dedicated to giving more people the confidence to stand up for themselves and be proud of who they are.”

In addition to modelling the collection, GRiZ also shared his personal and powerful Pride story in a new video.

In the footage, GRiZ states: “The things that you mentally stand for are not written on you. Maybe that’s what it is, you know, maybe it’s the superhero cape in underwear form.”

He follows with: “It’s not about being one kind of gay person or one kind of straight person. There are people out there that will respect you and celebrate you exactly as you are.” 

Since coming out in his honest and transparent op-ed via Huffington Post, GRiZ has become a rare voice for the queer community in contemporary electronic music – a space that has seen a shift away from its gay roots with the growing presence of EDM in mainstream culture.

He is an active and outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has previously partnered with organizations like the ‘It Gets Better Project’, for which he helped raise over $7,000 during a fundraising campaign last year.

The MeUndies Pride collection is available online now.

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