Almost Half of Brits Will Turn Up to Work Feeling Too Tired Due to Pressure, Study Finds

New research has found that over a third of working Brits believe their mental health is affected due to tiredness and fatigue from the “always on” mindset that many businesses now expect their workers to have.

Westfield Health found over one in ten (11%) of working brits have purposefully taken a nap at work, while over a third (34%) say their mental wellbeing is reduced due to tiredness and fatigue. More importantly, 86% of workers expressed how they didn’t feel confident in speaking with their line manager about how their mental health is having an impact on their overall performance.

The survey by the leading health and wellbeing provider also found that almost half (46%) of working Brits said they regularly turn up to their jobs feeling too tired to work, and more than a third (37%) say they tend to be more forgetful and make errors, as a result of tiredness. According to the research, men were more likely (14%) than women (9%) to take a nap at work, with those aged between 16 and 24 being the most likely to do so.

Richard Holmes, Director of Wellbeing at Westfield Health said: “It’s extremely worrying to see how fatigue is impacting the working population. It’s not just being overworked and lack of sleep that can cause us to feel fatigued. Extreme tiredness happens as a result of a number of factors including mental health and diet.”

The survey also discovered that, alarmingly, 71% of employees in the construction industry aren’t aware of any clear health and safety regulations in place at their work. That’s reassuring.

Employers need to ensure there are clear health and safety regulations in place around fatigue, especially in industries that require high levels of concentration. The importance of rest time both at work and at home should be taken seriously and encouraged by employers, and fatigue should be considered just as important as any other physical injury or illness.

One in six (16%) believe that by employers actively doing more to reduce the risk of accidents and mistakes at work due to stress then their mental wellbeing would be better. 86% also felt that it’s important for colleagues, including management, to understand the impact of fatigue and to take it more seriously.

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