Salt Ashes unleashes dark and empowering ‘Go All Out’ music video

Following the success of major bop ‘Girls’ earlier this year, Salt Ashes is back with another stunning piece of pop perfection in the form of ‘Go All Out’.

The track is about finding yourself after a long-term relationship and discovering boundaries and restrictions we put on ourselves during that time. Dark in its sound, ‘Go All Out’ still manages to be an empowering anthem.

Providing commentary on a social media-obsessed generation who feels the need to compare to one another, Salt Ashes says the track “made me think about what I would say to my younger self to help her feel empowered and accepting of who she is without the need for other people’s approval.”

The stylish video for the track, directed by Lucrecia Taormina, pays homage to one of the most iconic scenes from Tim Burton’s 1988 cult classic ‘Beetlejuice’ (it’s not the only one either!). Guests at a dinner party fall under the influence of a mysterious drink, which results in them expressing themselves to the track.

“The video is a reflection of the internal struggle you have as an adult to accept and follow the status quo when your real desire should be to taste danger and release the inner child,” the London-based electronic pop star said.

Alongside visual direction from Taormina, art direction comes from Bobbie Cousins and styling is by Magdalene Celeste. Speaking about the references to the Burton film, Salt Ashes noted:

Being one of my favourite films, I was instantly drawn in and could see that Lucrecia understood and shares my vision for pushing visual boundaries and taking risks.

“Lucrecia comes from a fashion photographic background so her attention to detail and approach at composing each scene is flawless. It was awesome working with her and the incredible team we had on this.”

Further discussing the origin of the song, Salt Ashes, real name Veiga Sanchez, added:

“I totally lost myself in a long-term relationship and after we broke up, I spent a year battling with who I was and learnt how to love me again, which is when I wrote this song. I realised how hard I had become over the years, constantly putting restrictions on myself and shrinking to try and fit in all the time.”

I’d forgotten how to have fun, explore, be adventurous and happy with myself. It made me wonder what external aspects of my life contributed to where I had ended up which made me see how I’d been sucked into media bullshit.

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