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MUNA Release New ‘About U: One Year On’ EP

MUNA celebrate with new EP.

To celebrate a great year for MUNA, including touring with Harry Styles and having millions of streams for their tracks on Spotify, the band have unveiled a new three-track EP.


‘About U: One Year On’ features three acoustic and live versions of track from their stand out debut album. The tracks included on the EP are ‘Crying On The Bathroom Floor’, ‘If U Love Me Now’, and ‘I Know a Place’.

The electro-pop trio, made up of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson, all identify as queer and keep any gender-based pronouns out of their lyrics.

In a statement to announce the release, Gavin said:

Recording this live EP was almost like reading a letter you’ve written to your future self. Our lives are different than they were last year, partially because of these songs and largely because of the way that other people have made these songs their own. Arranging and playing them acoustically was a way for us to come alive to that fact.

You can stream the EP now, or below through the magic of Spotify:

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