Mike Taveira celebrates pansexual identity in ‘Curious’ music video featuring Drag Race legends

Mike Taveira has unveiled his latest single ‘Curious’ and it’s the ultimate pansexual pop anthem.

Growing up without any openly pansexual figures to look up to, Taveira knew that his personal journey needed to be expressed through his own music and that’s exactly what he’s done with his latest bop.

Oozing with confidence, ‘Curious’ is a glimmering celebration of queer identity.

“Curious is about the first steps I took towards honouring my queerness,” Mike tells QWEERIST.

“I was attracted to someone who I knew was also attracted to me, but societal pressures restricted us from acting on it until we found ourselves alone.

“The song reflects the moment where we could be vulnerable with each other and explore this part of ourselves.”

Mike has also unveiled the music video for the track, starring notable queer icons.

Familiar faces to appear in the video include RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Monét X Change and Sonique, trans model Arisce Wanzer, and George Todd McLachlan from Showtime’s Shameless.

“The music video highlights pansexuality and celebrates a sensual connection between people of all genders,” Mike adds.

“I’m very grateful to have friends and people within the community that are passionate about seeing queer artists tell their stories, so when I had the inspiration for a scene or character I looked for someone who could accurately reflect the world we live in.

“Collaboration between queer artists is beautiful and important and it’s very humbling to be lifted up and supported by the community that I love so much.”

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Written by QWEERIST editor

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