Leo Law shares thought-provoking video to ‘Let Your Guard Down’

Haunting yet powerful vocals come to the forefront of ‘Let Your Guard Down’, the latest single to be released from 25-year-old Londoner Leo Law.

Written as Law was exploring his sexuality, highlights the frustration, insecurity and confusion he experienced in the dating world after coming out. It’s a song that will touch close to home for many people as they deal themselves with identity and who they are.

Speaking about the track, Law said:

The core of the song acts as a genuine call for honesty and openness. That’s what I wanted from the people I was dating. At the time, I felt like that would have spared me from a lot of the hurt I was feeling.

‘Let Your Guard Down’ embodies the rich and sumptuous vocal range of one of the UK’s most prestigious new talents, with Leo Law continuing to blur the lines between music, art, and emotion, thanks to his crisp tones and thought-provoking video releases.

Speaking of which, the video for the track is directed by Dottee Simone and serves as a commentary on technology’s growing influence over our lives and how it now dictates the way we form relationships.

With an audience of masked figures watching a fencing battle, the video demonstrates a play for power and dominance. Law says it’s “similar to the way some people approach relationships as a game, playing with the mind and emotions to gain control.”

The video serves a powerful reminder of the growing influence of the digital age and how many of us mask our true emotions on social media to prevent ourselves from getting hurt.

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Written by QWEERIST editor

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