(Photo credit: Anette Pruszynska)
(Photo credit: Anette Pruszynska)


Premiere: JUNODEF learn to accept fate in ‘The Things In Front Of Me’

Fans of The XX, Björk, and PJ Harvey are sure to enjoy the latest single from the Swedish post-rock quartet.

We’re calling it now. Expect to hear the latest single from Swedish band JUNODEF during a climactic scene in a gritty Netflix or HBO show before the end of the year.

‘The Things In Front of Me’, premiering today on QWEERIST, starts off as a haunting acoustic number before building up into a rousing track with soaring guitar riffs and light electronic drumbeats.

“This song is important to us,” the band tells QWEERIST. “It came together in the Swedish forests, pretty much entirely produced on a laptop. It has now become the song that best represents us as a band.”

The song is about confrontation, accepting defeat, and addressing the lack of energy to fight back. ‘The Things In Front of Me’ is about that point where acknowledging the loss or defeat is the only way you can move on with things.  “We have all been in that situation where thoughts like “I could’ve done more” or “If only I had…” are nagging in the back of our heads,” the London-based band explain.

The Things In Front Of Me (secret link) by JUNODEF

Stream The Things In Front Of Me (secret link) by JUNODEF from desktop or your mobile device

JUNODEF add that the track is about when “it takes time to come to terms with and surrender to the idea that things played out in an inevitable way.”

We’ve been a little bit obsessed with JUNODEF from the very moment we heard their previous mesmerising single ‘Heights’. Formed in 2015, JUNODEF comprises of Karin Grönkvist on guitar and vocals, Tyra Örnberg on bass and backing vocals, Norea Persson on drums and Rode Grönkvist on synths.

The artwork for ‘The Things in Front of Me’, which is released through AWAL, is created by Fanny Ketter. The single will be proceeded with a remix by Swedish lo-fi DJ XTCFLWR and marks a continuation of JUNODEF’s aims to combine art forms and to use collaborations to reach a broader audience.

'The Things In Front of Me' artwork, designed by Fanny Ketter.
‘The Things In Front of Me’ artwork, designed by Fanny Ketter.

JUNODEF recently collaborated with Girls Rock London on their mission to achieve gender equality in the music industry by working with young girls, trans and non-binary people to make music.

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