HAVVK Release Hypnotising Ode To Rainbow Pride In New ‘Glass’ Video

Originally released by HAVVK in the run up to the Irish Marriage Equality Referendum in 2015, ‘Glass’ addresses themes of conflict and resolution.

The video for the re-released track, directed by James Byrne, takes the Pride rainbow and turns it into a truly hypnotising piece of abstract art. Julie Hawk elaborates, “It was a really simple concept. We wanted to take ourselves out of the picture, and focus on the thing that inspired the release – the Marriage Equality campaigners.


“We wanted something continuous and immersive to go with the hypnotism of the track. The actual take you see took about five seconds to film, but drawn out, you see the complexity of each colour coming together, the muddiness and the clarity.”

Along with the re-release, the band have also had a slight change of identity. Originally called HAWK, the band renamed to HAVVK to escape the online presence of similarly named artists.

The track is available to stream on Spotify now.

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