Dreamgirls and Drake combine in soulful #DREAMY4DRAKE mashup video

Michael Korte is back with another slice of musical genius.

This time, the queer YouTuber has teamed up with a line-up of powerful vocalists to serve up an unlikely mash-up of Drake hits and songs from Dreamgirls.

Featuring B.Slade, Danielle Withers, Chrystian Lehr, Mariah Maxwell, Lanita Smith and Mark Joseph, #DREAMY4DRAKE is a soulful performance that delivers on all accounts.

The video flips the script as men play the ‘Dreams’ while the women carry the heavy lifting with Drake’s rapping.

“We wanted to do something unexpected,” Korte tells QWEERIST.

“Effie’s journey in Dreamgirls mirror’s Drake’s artistic journey… that same ‘started from the bottom’ mentality eventually leading to something magnificent with plenty of hardships along the way.

“Moreover, Dreamgirls is just so brilliantly soulful I wanted to take a bite out of it as it’s a personal favourite.”

#DREAMY4DRAKE was arranged by Jared Jenkins and filmed by Baxter Stapleton.

Michael Korte recently released a powerful performance with Pose star Billy Porter.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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