Alt-pop duo Cherryade on new single ‘Shout Loud’: “I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it”

London alt-pop duo Cherryade have unveiled their new single ‘Shout Loud’.

Co-written and produced by Ant Whiting (M.I.A., John Newman), ‘Shout Loud’ is a driving, indie pop anthem about the struggles facing modern day artists and the impact this can have on mental health.

Comprising of Ella and Alex, Cherryade’s catchy sound is as addictive as downing a can of cherryade itself, as is the one-two punch of Ella’s attitude-packed sing-speak vocals paired up with glitchy pop perfection.

‘Shout Loud’ is going to be on heavy rotation for the next few months and is sure to be stuck in our heads that whole time too.

To coincide with the release of ‘Shout Loud’, we caught up with Ella and Alex to find out a little bit more about the song and the inspiration behind the band name.

Controversial choice of fizzy drink to name yourself after, so where did the inspiration come from?

Ella: We used to get drunk together on cheap vodka mixed with cherryade when we were 16 haha.

Alex: Yeah it was great! We used to go to the corner shop where Ella worked, the cherryade was like 30p and we got discount! So I guess the name was kinda fitting for us…cheap pop …

How did you both meet and decide to become indie electro-pop troublemakers?

Alex: We went to school together and both hated it! It was awful.

Ella: Yeah it was a really strict Catholic school. The priest turned out to be a Paedophile and is now in prison… we wrote a song called ‘Houdini’ about it all.

Can you tell us a bit about the new single ‘Shout Loud’ and the upcoming EP?

Alex: An A&R guy set us up with Ant Whiting who produced the whole EP, and he was just really fun and lovely to work with. I think as a whole it’s a big step up for us, in terms of the production and melodies and lyrics. Lyrics have always been really important to us, and this EP has given us the chance to talk about more serious topics but somehow turn them into fun pop songs.

Ella: Yeah we really loved working with Ant – he’s like the vodka to our Cherryade on this EP. He really helped us bring to life a lot of the concepts we wanted to talk about but still kept it our sound.

‘Shout Loud’ is about struggling as both musicians and people who work behind the scenes in the film industry and the music industry. It’s the same situation – you work your arse off trying to get your foot in the door. Once you’re in it’s great, until something happens and you get screwed over and you can’t say or do anything about it in case you piss the wrong person off. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it.

Do you have a random fact to share about each of you?

Alex: Ok so mine is gross, but Ella once had a poo in a cubicle next Samuel L. Jackson. What a claim to fame…

Ella: Alex has a severe Diet Coke addiction… If he ever went solo that would have to be his artist name.

Where can we see Cherryade in 2019?

Ella: Everywhere! Hopefully… haha.

Alex: We’ve got several more singles coming soon in the build-up to the EP and are planning some new live shows as well which we’re really excited about.

Shout Loud

Shout Loud, a song by Cherryade on Spotify

‘Shout Loud’ is the first release from Cherryade’s upcoming EP ‘4 Reasons Why’.

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