Andrea Di Giovanni embraces ‘flamboyant and extra’ side in Permission EP

Dark popstar and Pride’s Got Talent finalist, Andrea Di Giovanni, has launched their latest EP called ‘Permission’, ahead of the Pride and Summer season.

The new EP ‘Permission’ is a collection of feel-good tracks that are perfect for the summer. Pushing the message of “having fun whilst in control”, Andrea Di Giovanni’s 6-track EP has a strong yet subtle message of consent when partying.

The main track on the EP ‘Permission’ carries a truly important message: ‘I give you permission, boy just one little condition’ which highlights how fundamental consent is in relationships. The lyrics also focus on embracing your inner beauty and flaunting it in front of your crush.


Permission, a song by Andrea Di Giovanni on Spotify

Other songs on the EP such as ‘Bye Baby’, ‘Know Better’ and ‘Versatile’ are songs based around personal strength and freedom of choice. With many issues globally not allowing women, non-gendered and people in low-income countries have the voice they deserve, Andrea – as a passionate activist – pushes these issues to the horizon to execute change and education in an easy-to-digest manner with the use of fun hits.

“‘Permission’ is definitely my favourite piece of work so far,” Di Giovanni says of their latest EP.

“I wanted to showcase a more playful and fun side of myself and let people know that being your most authentic self is something to celebrate and cherish.

“There’s always a hidden political message and value to my lyrics, but this time around with tracks like ‘Bye Baby’, ‘Permission’, ‘Know Better’ I’m exploring the theme of relationships with a more lighthearted and sassy attitude; I’ve learned my lessons with love and now it’s time to just party and have fun. Feeling free to be me and do what I want without fear of repercussions.

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love, a song by Andrea Di Giovanni on Spotify

“The title of the EP is very ironic, I don’t need no permission anymore, I’m me, flamboyant, extra and I make no apologies for that. I am just me, no matter the label of what society gives me.”

‘Permission’ is out now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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