Rainbow condoms are now a thing and here’s how you can get them for free

To coincide with World AIDS Day on December 1st, a limited-edition range of rainbow condoms will be made available for free.

The campaign from Celebrate Condoms is offering free rainbow striped condoms to customers for free, minus postage, to raise awareness of the international day and to showcase how safe sex can be fun.

“Whilst condoms have traditionally been viewed as a rather boring product, we aim to challenge this negative stereotype and show that safe sex CAN be fun,” a press release for the campaign stated. “Condoms are still a vital and important form of protection against sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.”

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Speaking to QWEERIST, Tim Browning, co-founder of Celebrate Condoms told us that “events like ‘World AIDS Day’ are so important to remind everyone, both young and old, that millions of bright, intelligent and loving people have lost their lives to this deadly infection.”

As such, we are proud to play our own little part in minimising any future transmissions of this virus to help our proud and resilient community for generations to come.

Browning added that “as a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community, it is our job to remind our brothers and sisters out there that HIV / AIDS does not discriminate against the colour of your skin, or where you come from or even how much money you have.”

The special range of condoms will be available to order online until December 1st, with worldwide postage and handling coming to a flat rate of $9.90. You can get your rainbow on here.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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