An older woman asks Miss SaHHara some of Google's most popular questions about trans women. (Photo credit: Four Nine)
An older woman asks Miss SaHHara some of Google's most popular questions about trans women. (Photo credit: Four Nine)

‘It’s a Trans World’ series shares the stories of trans women working in male-dominated industries

A new series of content, titled ‘It’s a Trans World’, aims to share the stories of trans women working in male-dominated industries.

Comprising of videos, features, and interviews, the series, produced by the female-first social community Four Nine, aims to start a conversation, to inspire, and to educate those both within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community.

One of the interviews within the series is with Patricia King, who is the first trans woman to serve in the US Army infantry. Arriving at the perfect time (in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s military transgender ban), the interview sees King discuss the support systems within the army as well as her thoughts about Trump and his policies.

(Photo credit: Four Nine / Patricia King)
(Photo credit: Four Nine / Patricia King)

“As a person who has served in the military for nearly two decades now – and has done so for the last four years living an authentic life as a trans woman – I feel personally that what we’ve seen time and time again across countless transgender service members is that there’s no detriment to the military because trans people serve,” says King.

“There’s no question that morale and cohesion are not negatively affected,” she adds. “If anything, just like any group of people, any cross-segment of a country – trans people, people of colour, gay people, people of various religions – bring individual talents, individual backgrounds and attributes to the military that enhance the good for everybody.”

Alongside Patricia King, other interviews in the ‘It’s a Trans World’ series include professional racing driver and YouTuber Charlie Martin and drum & bass artist B-Complex.

The video series shows a number of trans women explaining everyday issues in a bid for the rest of the community to better understand the situation they are. For example, one video looks into five things that trans women want you to know while another sees older women ask trans women the most googled questions about their experience.

“Being trans is not a choice,” says Miss SaHHara as she explains what she wants people to know about being trans. In response to being asked how to address trans women, Miss SaHHara adds: “You know, if you don’t understand someone’s identity or how they present themselves, why don’t you just politely ask and say ‘Hello, please, how do you want me to address you?'”

The series recently released a video where older women learn about some trans terminology.

The inspirational videos will continue to be rolled out across Four Nine’s Facebook page, as will further interviews with inspirational women on their website.

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