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New Research Shows Changing Attitudes Towards Trans People

LGBT charity Stonewall have today released new research that highlights the changing attitudes towards trans people in Britain.


The new survey, conducted by NfP Synergy for Stonewall, found that two-thirds of the British public are concerned about the abuse that trans people face. 51 per cent of respondents also stated they believe more should be done to tackle discrimination against trans people.

Bex Stinson, Stonewall’s Head of Trans Inclusion, said:

We know there is strong support from British people for trans equality. However, many individuals may feel uncertain about what they themselves can do to or say to support trans people.

A lack of confidence can often provoke a fear of making mistakes, and prevents many people from being visible allies to trans people – whether that’s in the workplace, in the local community or online.

The research has been released to coincide with the launch of the charity’s ground-breaking programme for trans equality. The new Trans Allies Programme, which has been backed by 13 leading organisations, will empower non-trans people to step up as active allies to trans people at work and in public.

The launch partners to back the programme include Barclays, the House of Commons, and York St John University. Jennifer Crook, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at the House of Commons said: “we are looking forward to launching the Trans Allies Programme to empower individuals to create a more inclusive culture for LGBT people in the workplace.”


The commitment to improving trans inclusion come as trans and non-binary people continue to face alarming levels of discrimination at work and in society.

Sanjay Sood-Smith, Stonewall’s Director of Empowerment Programmes, said that “the sheer diversity of our launch partners show there is a wealth of support for trans people at the most senior levels of British industrial and cultural life. With that kind of commitment and hard work we can create workplaces – and a world – where all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are accepted without exception.”

Earlier this year Stonewall found that 51 per cent of trans people have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination or abuse. One in eight trans employees have been physically attacked by colleagues or customers in the past year.

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