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UNHhhh! Trixie and Katya Are Coming Back With More Green Screen Fun

Last year, Trixie and Katya stepped things up a notch by announcing their very own show on VICELAND. ‘The Trixie and Katya Show’ was similar in format to the duo’s previous mega-viral online series ‘UNHhhh’ but was a little more polished and, shall we say, professional.

Well, the Drag Race alums haven’t forgotten their roots as they’ve just announced that everyone’s crazy mind trip is coming back for new episodes. Speaking at their very own panel at RuPaul’s Drag Con in New York, the duo made the announcement by sharing a first-look at the return.

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“This is a surprise thing that you guys are seeing for the first time, and we hope it gets you very excited,” Trixie Mattel said as she pressed play on an exclusive trailer for the upcoming season.

So, what’s the deetz then? Well, ‘UNHhhh’ will be available first to the lucky fish who have subscribed to WOWPresentsPlus. The first episode launches on the platform on October 17th and will be uncensored and, presumably, full of filth. Each episode will make its way to the rest of us cheap fish on YouTube a week later for us to all enjoy in a slightly-more censored format.

After the announcement, Katya made an important observation to the crowd: “I think you can see from our very compelling footage, we have completely remade, shot-for-shot, Lee Daniels’ The Butler”. Indeed.

We’re not sure what this means for the future of the VICELAND show, but let’s just enjoy the fact that we have new Trixie and Katya moments just weeks away!

Someone’s been an absolute doll and shared the trailer already on YouTube, so enjoy it before it gets taken away from us.

Written by Jim Bong

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