STRUT -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Dominique Jackson, Ren Spriggs, Laith De La Cruz, Isis King, Arisce Wanzer -- (Photo by: Joe Labisi/Oxygen)


Trailblazing Shows ‘Strut’ and ‘The Prancing Elites Project’ Coming To All 4

Box sets of two popular LGBTQ+ U.S. shows are coming to All 4 this October and we can’t contain our excitement!

Docu-series ‘Strut’ and ‘The Prancing Elites Project’ will be both available to stream in their entirety when they arrive on All 4 on October 1st. Charlie Palmer, Managing Editor for All 4, said of the new arrivals: “We’re thrilled to be bringing sass, class and a whole lot of ass to All 4 this autumn. If you love RuPaul’s Drag Race and Queer Eye, The Prancing Elites Project and Strut are must-watch series.”

Never heard of either show? Well, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve got you covered with a little run-down of what both ‘Strut’ and ‘The Prancing Elites Project’ will entail.

What is ‘Strut’?

STRUT — Season: 1 — Pictured: (l-r) Dominique Jackson, Ren Spriggs, Laith De La Cruz, Isis King, Arisce Wanzer — (Photo by: Joe Labisi/Oxygen)

‘Strut’ is a six-part US docu-series set in the world’s first exclusively transgender modelling agency. The series, executive produced by Whoopi Goldberg, follows the trailblazing lives of transgender models Laith De La Cruz, Isis King, Ren Spriggs, Arisce Wanzer, and Dominique Jackson, who many will now know as Elektra Abundance on ‘Pose’.

‘Strut’ provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the glamorous world of fashion while also revealing the realities of being a transgender model. Viewers will be invited to gaze behind the curtain as this group of five determined models navigate everything from the fashion world and their personal lives to emotional conversations with family members. As they strive to overcome hurdles in the quest to discovering their true identity, the models are faced with owning who they are—no matter the cost.

The show will see the models chase their passions of becoming household names in the fashion world while challenging stereotypes of gender and beauty. Supporting them every step of the way are Cecilio Asuncion and Cassandra Cass of Slay Model Management, the world’s first exclusively transgender modelling agency.

Many of the models featured in the show have since become well-known around the world so it’s a must-watch to see how they made it big.

What is ‘The Prancing Elites Project’?

PRANCING ELITES PROJECT — Season: 1 — Pictured: Adrian Clemons, Tim Smith, Jerel Maddox, Kareem Davis, Kentrell Collins — (Photo by: Maxwell Mason/Oxygen)

The Prancing Elites Project’ is an uplifting docu-series following an African American, gay and gender non-conforming dance team comprised of Adrian Clemons, Kentrell Collins, Kareem Davis, Jerel Maddox, and Timothy Smith.

Following the loud and proud male dance team as they challenge societal norms while overcoming several obstacles with passion and wit on their journey to be their authentic selves. The series delves into the personal lives of these five best friends in Mobile, Alabama as they fight to be accepted in the female-dominated dance culture of J-Setting.

Excluded from competitions and banned from participating in several hometown and national parades, The Prancing Elites seek other ways to showcase their talent from dancing in the stands at college football games to performing on a boat cruise. Despite professional rejections, family disapproval and tensions, personal health crises and heartbreak, the group won’t let anything stand in their way as they continue to lift one another up and band together in the face of adversity. Hoping to build a name for themselves outside the walls of Mobile, this dream team is determined to see their name in lights and go wherever the music takes them.

With both series of ‘The Prancing Elites Project’  becoming available on All 4, it’s perfect for binge-watching these instantly-memorable characters.

Both shows will be available on the All 4 platform on 1st October.

All 4 is available on a wide range of platforms including web, mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), console (Xbox, PlayStation) and big screen (YouView, FreeSat, Freeview Play, Samsung, Amazon Fire TV, Now TV). It is also available via third-party providers, such as Sky, BT and Virgin Media.

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