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The Bi Life: Meet the cast of E!’s bisexual dating show

We’re merely days away from the premiere of ‘The Bi Life’, a brand-new dating show that focuses on dating as a bisexual – something which is often overlooked in the mainstream media.

Hosted by Courtney Act, who earlier told us that “bisexuality is misunderstood and a bit taboo”, the show hopes to break some stereotypes and the perception of bisexuality.

Before the show’s launch on Thursday, we thought it was only fair that we got to meet the cast of the show a little bit better.

Without further ado, here are the nine contestants joining the villa.

Carmen Clarke

21, Manchester

  • Carmen has been a model since the age of 14
  • She says that being a model, she feels more judgement on her sexuality as people have
    preconceived ideas of what a female model should be – and being bisexual doesn’t often fit into that mould.
  • She’s joining The Bi Life because she wants to learn more about herself. “I’m on a personal
    journey of discovery, but if I fall for someone too then I’m completely open to that.”
  • She says she is easy to get on with; “I could talk to a brick wall for two hours and get to know it!”
  • Carmen joins the cast in episode 6.

Daisie Thilwind

23, Manchester

  • Daisie is a fraud prevention officer.
  • She describes herself as a hopeless romantic who is ‘unlucky in love’ and hasn’t been in a relationship for five years.
  • She is taking part in the show because she has been hurt by previous relationships and she
    wants to let go of the past and find love.
  • Daisie states that she is “proud to be bisexual” and is confident in telling people about her sexuality.
  • Daisie says that the biggest misconception people have about her sexuality is that they think she
    is greedy. With girls, she finds it hard to approach them, and then when they find out she’s bisexual, they are threatened as they have double the competition.

Irene Ellis

23, London

  • Originally from Chichester, Irene now lives in London where she works as a photographer and is a self-confessed nerd.
  • She describes the dating scene as a scary place and would love to build her confidence when it comes to relationships.
  • Irene has dated more men than women and says she is taking part in the show because “I want to actually feel like a bisexual. I’ve acted very straight for a while, so to be comfortable in it would be great.”
  • Talking about bisexuality, Irene says that “it takes a while for people to get used to the idea that some people might just like both.”
  • When she was in a previous relationship, she told her then-boyfriend about her sexuality and he immediately responded with: “so you want a threesome?” She said that is the most annoying question to be asked when you are bisexual.

Kyle McGovern

23, South Wales

  • Valley boy and gym bunny Kyle is currently working as a support teacher, providing one on one attention for a child with learning difficulties.
  • He is also studying Cognitive Neuroscience at university.
  • After being out as bisexual for a year now, Kyle is hoping his summer in the villa will be enough
    to make him realise there is life beyond the Valleys and he intends to explore it.
  • Having only just come out as bisexual he feels it’s the perfect opportunity to see what’s out
    there other than the people in his hometown in Wales.
  • He says he has found that people assume that being bisexual is a stepping stone to coming out
    as gay, but it’s really not. He says that he is living proof that being bisexual it is not a faze.

Leonnie Cavill

27, Manchester

  • Leonnie works as a club promoter and has recently returned from a season in Ibiza.
  • She describes her love life as being ‘unlucky in love’ but she is picky and gets bored really easily and so hasn’t had a proper relationship for 7 years.
  • Leonnie goes on regular dates with both guys and girls and acknowledges that living freely is “the best thing in the world – I am no longer just stuck in a closet and neither do I feel embarrassed.”
  • She says she applied for the show because she wants a new adventure. She wants to go on more dates with girls to explore her type, and hopefully find a connection with somebody.
  • In touch with her spiritual side, Leonnie doesn’t like materialistic people and adds that even when she is rich and famous, you will still find her in the reduced aisle!

Mariella Amodeo

33, London

  • Mariella is a make-up artist.
  • Despite facing disappointments in her love life, Mariella is still looking for her fairytale ending and isn’t giving up on finding the one.
  • Mariella describes herself as passionate, fun and caring.
  • Her perfect partner would be somebody who is funny, attractive, has a strong head on their
    shoulders and is respectful.
  • On giving advice to somebody thinking of coming out, Mariella says to “just be honest. Speak to your loved ones, I’m sure they would understand and love you regardless.”

Matt Brindley

27, Chester

  • Matt is an Influencer Agent.
  • In three words, he describes himself as “up for it.”
  • Matt is looking for a serious relationship. He dates more men than women but he hasn’t had a long-term relationship since he split with his girlfriend.
  • He said “my advice to somebody trying to figure out their sexuality is to not listen or be swayed by what somebody else is telling them and to just look into themselves for that answer. Don’t make hasty decisions.”
  • His perfect partner would be somebody with an outgoing personality, quite adventurous and likes to socialize. He says he is also attracted to people who look after their body and appearance – “a 10 out of 10.”

Michael Gunning

24, Manchester

  • Michael is an international swimmer and has competed for Great Britain. He is now part of the Jamaican team. His goal is to swim for team Jamaica in the 2020 Olympics.
  • Michael is completely new to the world of dating and relationships. His commitment to swimming has meant he has never been in a relationship or even on a date before the show started.
  • He describes himself as “bubbly, happy and joyful.”
  • He said he is taking part in The Bi Life because “it is something I would never have dreamed I would ever have accepted in my lifetime, so it’s a risk, and it’s something exciting I thought I could do. I’m a swimmer and the only time a swimmer gets off is summertime so I thought, why not go on a show like this and live a little, and have fun this summer!”
  • His says his perfect partner would be someone who is very bubbly, very easy to get on with and quite athletic built.

Ryan Cleary

23, London

  • Ryan is a fitness influencer.
  • He has had relationships with both men and women; his last relationship being a year ago with a guy.
  • He is charming and confident and describes his love life as hectic, wild and fun.
  • He said he is taking part in The Bi Life because he feels that being bisexual is underrepresented on television and in real life. He said “I think it’s good to be able to be yourself and show who you are and not be afraid to do that.”
  • He thinks that people perceive bisexuals to be greedy, indecisive, not know what they want or that they like one sex more than another. He says these are the preconceptions that he has experienced from other people about himself.

The Bi Life premieres on Thursday 25th October at 9pm on E! UK & Ireland.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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