These Movies Have Been Voted As Having The Best Opening Scenes Ever

In a world full of streaming, the opening scene of a movie has proved to be more pivotal than ever in grasping the attention of an audience.

In fact, it turns out that 83 per cent of Brits will switch off if they’re not quite digging the opening scene. Research has also found that we take just 14 minutes to decide whether a movie is worth our time or not.


To highlight the power that comes with the opening scene and to coincide with the upcoming Palme d’Or prize at Cannes Film Festival 2018, event partners Mastercard have discovered what European’s favourite opening scenes of all time are.

1997’s Titanic, directed by James Cameron, floated on top across most of Europe; voted as having the best opening scene by Turkey, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Italy and Russia. Meanwhile, the force is still strong with film fans in the UK as Star Wars Episode IV alongside Jaws were both jointly voted as having the best opening film sequences.

The top ten opening scenes voted by film fans in the UK are below with a brief description of how the opening plays out (so obvious spoiler warning if you haven’t seen any of the films).


1=. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977): The classic “In a galaxy far, far away…” followed by shot of The Star Destroyer.
1=. Jaws (1975): A woman swims in the water and is attacked by Jaws.
3. The Lion King (1994): The famous Lion King song, with the sun rising and the animals of Africa collecting around Pride Rock.
4. Saturday Night Fever (1977): Shots of New York, then John Travolta walking with The Bee Gees playing.
5. Saving Private Ryan (1998): D-Day landing, with bullets flying and boats sinking.
6. Pulp Fiction (1994): The famous line ‘Any of you p****s move, I’ll kill every last m*********g one of you!’ followed by the Pulp Fiction music and credits.
7. Titanic (1997): Slo-mo sepia of the Titanic about to depart on its’ maiden voyage, followed by the sub looking at the wreck of the ship.
8. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981): Paramount logo transfers onto a shot of a real-life mountain, Harrsion Ford walks into frame and faces the mountain.
9. Up (2009): A montage of the main character’s relationship with his wife, from childhood to adulthood.
10. The Dark Knight (2008): Bank robbery opening scene with men in evil clown masks.

See more stats from Mastercard’s research with the below graphic.

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