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(Photo credit: Peggy Pictures/BBC)
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YouTuber Mimi Missfit brings sex education series to BBC iPlayer

Mimi Missfit is to encourage us to chat about the weird, wonderful, and often cringey world of sex, love and relationships.

Can Dutch attitudes teach a bunch of Brit teens about sex and everything related to it? That’s the challenge that YouTube star Mimi Missfit has given herself in her new BBC documentary series Mimi on a Mission.

Available now on iPlayer, the five-part series sees the YouTuber take seven early teens on an eye-opening week-long trip to the Netherlands as they find out more about sexuality, sex education, and safe sex.

The open and progressive attitudes of the Dutch could help encourage the group of Brits to start talking and opening up about sex. It’s a hot topic at the moment, too. Sex education will be a compulsory topic in all UK schools in 2020.

The documentary series lands at the ideal time for a young audience. Recent protests against the ‘No Outsiders’ programme have shown how harsh attitudes towards learning about LGBTQ+ life and relationships in schools can be.

In episode three, the group explores different sexualities and throw a party for National Coming Out Day. Two married gay couples talk about their lives and there’s a special letter from home for group members Finn, who is out and proud and Alys who identifies as pansexual.

Porn and online presence are explored in episode four as the series looks into the temptations young people might face today living in the digital world. When the group talk about safety on social media, Lizzie thinks twice about having an open profile on her socials.

Speaking about the show, Mimi Missfit said: “Flying to Holland with seven teenagers last October was one of the highlights of last year.

“Coming from such a traditional African household, the topic of sex is definitely not something that is spoken about, but I learnt so much about body positivity, different contraceptives, self-love, the LGBTQ+ community, consent in relationships, safe sex, and many more.”

Mimi on a Mission is available on iPlayer now.

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