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Manchester’s Finest Cheddar Gorgeous and Anna Phylactic to Star in Channel 4’s ‘The Drag Lab’

“Drag is all about establishing identity and putting it centre stage.”

The drag bus is coming to town.

Channel 4 are set to unleash Britain’s inner drag as they, alongside production company Summer Films, have just commissioned a brand new series that’ll focus on some of Manchester’s finest drag performers.

Teaming up with the Family Gorgeous, one of the most well-known drag families in Manchester featuring some of the most spectacular performers in the entire scene including Cheddar Gorgeous, Liquorice Black, and Anna Phylactic, the show will see the drag collective help ordinary Brits on their journey of self-discovery.


The show, provisionally called The Drag Lab and set to run across six episodes, will see the Family Gorgeous travel across the UK in their already-iconic-in-principle drag bus to work their magic on those who are on the lookout for their hidden drag potential and fancy bringing out a bigger, bolder, and braver side of themselves.

Executive Producer Lucy Hillman said:

At a time when Britain feels divided and uncertain about its future, what better tonic than the Family Gorgeous? Can tolerance, camaraderie and a generous splash of glitter be just what we all need?


Documentaries Commissioning Editor Alisa Pomeroy added that the show will resonate with viewers as “drag has become incredibly popular with the younger generation and it has increasingly become a way for individuals to explore their identity.”

Explaining the benefit that the Family Gorgeous and drag have on people who attend their show as well as the future viewers of ‘The Drag Lab’, Cheddar Gorgeous said:

Whether you’re male, female, straight or gay, old or young, drag is all about finding your most glamorous route to self-confidence. We all have a past, our own stories and drag is the most fabulous way to celebrate ourselves. People have come to us for all kinds of reasons, from bereavement to poor body image, drag is all about establishing identity and putting it centre stage.

We literally can’t wait. If you’re new to all things Family Gorgeous, meet some of the family in the video below.


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