Fans of rom-com movies get the least action between the sheets, apparently

It’s good news for animation fans though.

Browsing through an endless choice of films and not being able to decide on just one to watch is perhaps a situation we’re all a bit too familiar with by now. Well, a new survey has identified that our choices may actually be influenced more by our relationship status, salary, and even pet ownership than anything else.

According to a new survey by entertainment platform CHILI, our go-to genre of a film could say a lot about where we are in life. For example, one in three recent singletons will choose a sci-fi film in order to enter into a bit of escapism. Meanwhile, divorcees may be more likely to go boldly into the emotional zone with a rom-com.

Our favourite type of movie could also decide how lucky in the bedroom we’re going to be too. Fans of animated movies claim to have sex 14 times a month while rom-com fans seem to get more pleasure on-screen than off as they’re getting down and dirty just six times a month.

The study also had a look at watching habits based on the pets we own because, of course, why not. 53% of Brits with feline friends admitted to enjoying a horror movie alongside kitty cuddles.

Meanwhile, 15% of horse and bed owners enjoy animation while, controversially, 11% of rabbit owners admitted that their go-to watch is a superhero flick. If that wasn’t enough, 27% of dog owners love a bit of action. No word yet on what the pets make of animal-based movies though…

On average, sci-fi fans were the highest earners with a jump of over £7,000 between their salary brackets and romantic comedy fans. However, despite the extra earnings it appears they are not the happiest in their nine-to-five, with those who enjoy an animated film feeling the most successful in their career — seems like a daily dose of Minions really does do the trick.

Giorgio Tacchia, CEO of CHILI, said: “It’s fascinating to get more of an insight into the nation’s viewing habits and how their lifestyle choices affect their movie selection. As an owner of a beautiful Bernese Mountain Day called Curry, I’m testament to being partial to an action film too.”

There we go, then.

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