Mike Kelton on how supernatural podcast ‘Beyond’ is his comedic spiritual awakening

Right, let’s get one thing out the way right now. ‘Beyond with Mike Kelton’ is one of the best podcasts you’ll hear in a long while.

Mixing comedian Mike Kelton’s humour and quick wit with a thirst for the unknown, it’s our latest obsession and we’re sure you’ll love it too. Throughout the show, Mike talks to a plethora of guests including mediums, psychics, witches, ghost hunters, astrologers and more in a quest to find out alternative means to life’s everyday questions, such as if a witch can heal his dog’s aggression, or a hypnotist can cure him of his Diet Coke addiction. It’s a little bit spooky and a hell of a laugh. WE. ARE. ADDICTED.

If our fangirling hasn’t quite convinced you just yet to give ‘Beyond with Mike Kelton’ a try, we caught up with the comedian himself to ask him a little bit about his interest in the supernatural, why drag queens are the hardest working, and why he’s always rooting for the underdog.

Hey Mike! First off, can you tell us a little bit about ‘BEYOND’?

Sure!  Beyond is my comedic spiritual awakening on an audio recording. It really is a passion project of mine that has materialized as a podcast on the Forever Dog Network.

On each episode, I try solving a real-life issue by supernatural means — witchcraft, psychics, mediums, past life regression, etc. These are all things I am genuinely interested in and have wanted to know more about since a young age when I fell in love with Buffy and the Charmed witches (THE ORIGINALS).

Each episode is a true documentary as we have spent months recording all of these things and are just now finding what the common thread in each of these stories are. It’s truly the most fun I have had making something in many years and I hope it shows.

How did the idea come about?

I really took the deep dive into this world after reading Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss about past life regression. The book piqued my interest so much that I went and had a session almost two years ago, and after the session, I started telling so many friends while out to drinks and what I realized is that EVERYONE is much more into this world than I had imagined. Everyone has a ghost story or believes in something, and after a couple of drinks, they want to gab about it!

So, I thought that a podcast where I could genuinely share my experiences with an audience in an open but entertaining way would be fun to make and listen to. On top of that, I thought it would be helpful for people that felt not as comfortable sharing their interest in these topics, almost like a safe space for spiritually curious people.

In a recent episode, you enlisted the help of witchcraft to cure your dog’s aggression. Have Curtis’s new owners reached out to you at all to give you any updates on how he’s doing these days?

Good question! So, Curtis is currently living on that retreat that we mentioned in the episode. It is a boarding place for pups in Pennsylvania and I am pretty sure they have adopted him because he is still there.

I can’t confirm because once you rehome a dog you give up privileges to check in but that’s what I gather from the Facebook page of this doggie retreat. He looks incredibly happy and free and it makes me really happy.

Outside of the podcast, have you ever had any encounters with the supernatural?

Most all of my stories here are included on the podcast but the one to note is a story about a man I met after my senior year of college who was a doorman on the Upper West Side. He stopped me one day as I was walking to the train and said the most bizarre and specific thing to me.

It stuck with me and basically, without giving too much away (because it is an upcoming episode), it was a bit of a premonition which was bizarre because I didn’t know this man at all.  His story will be on an upcoming episode exploring the idea of “Guardian Angels”.

To any sceptics out there, why should they still give ‘BEYOND’ a listen?

It’s FUN and it’s good storytelling. Whether or not you subscribe to these things, they are fascinating and a nice escape from the constant hellish news cycle we are in. To not hear about Trump for even a couple minutes is a nice break. Not to say we should not be paying attention because I think we have to, but to get a small break for your mind, heart, spirit, whatever…is nice.

Not only have you touched on the spooky side of life, but you were also a co-creator of “Shade: Queens of NYC.”  What did you learn from working with some of New York’s finest drag queens?

I learned that drag queens are the hardest working, most compassionate and funniest people I know. They are also always late. Drag queens will never show up on time and honestly, I learned to be fine with it by changing their call times to one hour before. 

As an actor who is openly gay, what are your thoughts on the public debate of straight actors playing LGBTQ+ people?

There are enough talented LGBTQIA+ actors out there to NEVER cast a straight cis actor in a queer role, so let’s focus on supporting those actors in the community so they get the opportunities they deserve. Ryan Murphy does a great job here and we should all follow his lead.

You also have your own production company. What do you look for when working on ideas?

I always try to tell the underdogs story.  I love stories that I can relate to, and those happen to be LGBTQIA+, but there are universal themes with these stories that connect to those of many other important movements--the Women’s Rights movement, Black Lives Matter and many other oppressed people that now more than ever need to be given a voice in media. That’s what I look for with ideas and what breaks through for me are the stories that can touch other groups of people through their connected human experience. Those stories communicated in a clear, entertaining and relatable way are what I am looking for.

Lastly, where can people see you next? Any shows coming up?

I perform every Saturday night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in the East Village with the team WHAT I DID FOR LOVE. I also do shows all around the city and those can be found on my website. If you come, please say hi…I love meeting people and maybe we will end up talking about our past lives together, WHO KNOWS!?

You can listen to the ‘Beyond with Mike Kelton’ podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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