Five Facts About Morgan McMichaels

Fix your mug, Morgan McMichaels is back!

Cast your minds all the way back to season two, which saw Tyra Sanchez crowned the winner. Not only that but the show featured Shangela’s first appearance on the series, and a contestant by the name of Morgan McMichaels.

After eliminating Sonique in her first lipsync, her second lipsync didn’t end too well and she was told to sashay away after being beaten by Sahara Davenport. Morgan may have only come in at eighth place, but she was certainly one of the memorable members of the cast and for that reason, we’re excited to see her back on Drag Race!

Ready for Morgan to slay the stage once more? You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the return of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, but for now: here’s five facts to keep you going.

Her Name Is Inspired By Her Scottish Roots

Most people may know that Morgan, real name  Thomas White, was born in Scotland but did you know her name also pays homage to her Scottish roots? The ‘Morgan’ aspect of her name comes from Morgan le Fay, a powerful enchantress that appears in Arthurian legend.

The ‘McMichaels’ is a combination of her drag mother’s name, Chad Michaels, mixed in with a Scottish twang. Perhaps Chad has given her some tips on how to win the season, just like she did on the first season of All Stars?

She’s Part of a Very Exclusive Drag Race Group

Morgan is part of a very special group of Drag Race contestants in that she is one of the only queens to win the very first challenge of their season and not go on to make it to the final three.

Whilst it’s not the most ideal of groups to be in, she does join some very fun and talented individuals such as BenDeLaCreme, Roxxy Andrews (on All Stars 2), and Nina Bo’nina Brown. Manila Luzon and Latrice Royale can also claim membership to the group, thanks to their conjoined appearance on the first season of All Stars.

She’s Bit of a Music Video Star

Back in August 2013, Lady Gaga appeared at Mickey’s in West Hollywood, a popular drag bar, to film a lyric video for her single Applause.

The footage, filmed by and featuring Lady Gaga, showed off some of LA’s most finest drag artists including Raven, Detox, and Morgan McMichaels herself. The clip also featured an appearance from fellow All Stars 3 contestant Shangela.

Not only was Morgan in the lyric video for Lady Gaga, but she also appeared in the S&M music video for Rihanna. Get that music video coin!

She’s For The People

Anyone who has followed Morgan on social media over the years since her appearance on Drag Race will know about how charitable she is. Not only does she perform at regular charity events, but she also has dreams of setting up her own home for homeless LGBTQ+ teens. In an interview, she said:

That would be a dream for me. A place for the kids to live so they can go to school and take care of their education. It would be amazing!

She’s Still a Performing Icon

Anyone who has had the chance to visit Mickey’s bar or watch any of their performances on YouTube will know that Morgan is a regular host and performer at the West Hollywood bar.

It’s safe to say that Morgan has still got it when it comes to her drag performances. Take a watch of one of her recent appearances at Mickey’s, which will help whet your appetite for All Stars 3!

Catch Morgan and the rest of the All Stars queens on Thursday 25th January at 8PM on VH1 in the US and on Saturday 27th January at 10PM on Comedy Central in the UK.

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