Five Facts About Milk

It’s milking time! Season six’s Milk is back for All Stars!

Milk wowed us all during her run on season six with her unconventional form of drag and sheer beauty (both in and out of drag, ooft!). It seems like a while ago since we last saw her on the Drag Race runaway, so her return is eagerly-awaited!

Landing in ninth place originally, Milk’s appearance in All Stars is definitely warranted and exciting for us all to see what she can BRING.

Ready to learn five fast facts about the milkin’ queen? Let’s go!

Ice, Ice Baby

Milk, real name Daniel Donigan, is actually a pretty great figure skater having competed in the 2009 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. In fact, the matador jacket that Milk wears in her entrance look for season six was previously worn during a skating routine. Resourceful, huh. Take a quick look at Milk on ice:

She Inspired RuPaul

Milk got a bit of flack during her run for her bearded queen outfit, but was still commended for her braveness to don the long white chin beard as part of her first runway look.

Her look stood out so much that it inspired RuPaul and the producers of the show to create a Bearded and Beautiful challenge during season seven. Don’t talk about it to Jasmine Masters though…

He is Part of the Marc Jacobs Family

2009 was a busy year for Daniel, as not only was he competitively skating but he also joined the Marc Jacobs NYC store as a Merchandising Manager.

That relationship has worked out pretty sweet, as Milk regularly walks the runway during Marc Jacobs’ runway shows and continues to promote the brand where possible.

Milk is a Bit of a Make-Up Star, Too

Not content with working with Marc Jacobs, Milk has turned her brand to make-up too.

It was recently revealed that Milk is to be the new face of Madonna’s latest skincare line. The range includes a whole host of products including rejuvenators and face washes. During the filming of the campaign, Milk even got to try on the original Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra. We’re super jel!

This Dairy Queen Has Got It!

If you were ever in doubt of how well Milk can perform, then you’re going to want to check out this brilliant performance. It perfectly showcases her lip syncing capabilities and her creativity when it comes to making an original performance stand out.

Catch Milk and the rest of the All Stars queens on Thursday 25th January at 8PM on VH1.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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