Five Facts About Chi Chi DeVayne

Don’t get ready, stay ready: Chi Chi is back for All Stars!Chi Chi DeVayne managed to impress us all with her Southern charm and performing capabilities during season eight of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She even impressed RuPaul and the judges enough to land in forth place, just narrowly missing out on a place in the final.

Fans of Chi Chi, however, can now rejoice at the fact that she’s back at another attempt to winning the crown. To whet your appetite before All Stars launches and to get you a bit more acquainted with Chi Chi DeVayne, here’s five facts about this Shreveport queen.

Drag Race Changed Her Life

Speaking to the Houston Chronicle, Chi Chi detailed how the show had an impact on her life – and it seems it was pretty huge:

It changed everything in my life. Everything has turned in a different direction. Before, I was just like, ‘What’s a good job that I could get here in town, working in a factory.’ It’s crazy. Bank account-wise, everything has changed, too.

She’s Actually a Pretty Great Singer

Chi Chi never really got the chance to show off her vocal capabilities during her Drag Race run, so you may be surprised to find out that she’s actually a brilliant singer. Take a look at a recent performance of her’s to be super impressed:

Drag Race Helped Her Mum Understand Drag

Before Drag Race, Chi Chi’s mum thought that because she was doing drag, she was interested in transitioning into a woman.

It wasn’t until she saw Chi Chi on Drag Race that she started to believe in how serious Chi Chi was about her drag. Just another example of drag bringing families together, hunty.

She’s an Official Dreamgirl

Thanks to her knock-out lip sync of the classic “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from the musical Dreamgirls, Chi Chi was made an honorary Dreamgirl. During the season eight final, Jennifer Holliday filmed a video message for Chi Chi declaring her an official Dreamgirl. We’re not jealous, not one bit…

She’s a Fierce Performer

We can’t wait to see more of Chi Chi on All Stars, particularly because she’s such a great performer. She can dance the stage OFF, and lip sync till dawn. Here’s a glance at what we could be in store for with Chi Chi:

Catch Chi Chi and the rest of the All Stars queens on Thursday 25th January at 8PM on VH1.

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