Five Facts About BenDeLaCreme

It’s time to meet another RuPaul’s Drag Race all star and this time, our eyes are on BenDeLaCreme.

It’s been almost four years since we last saw BenDeLaCreme in the workroom, and it feels well overdue if you ask us. The Miss Congeniality winner impressed us with her creatively brilliant Dame Maggie Smith (“We originated the language!”) in Snatch Game, as well as a knock-out performance during “Shade! The Rusical”.

Eventually placing fifth, after a second lip sync against Darienne Lake, it feels like we’ve not seen the very best of DeLa yet. To get you amped up and ready for All Stars this month, here’s five facts about the campy queen.

Call Her By One Of Her Three Names

If you’re ever going to get the chance to meet BenDeLaCreme, you’re going to want to check how to greet her. In an interview with Artes Magazine, DeLa said:

I consider BenDeLaCreme to be the very best of Ben which is the name of the gentleman that I share a body with. DeLa is how I refer to the lady part of me. If you say Ben you’re talking to that guy. If you say DeLa you are talking to me.

She Also Happens To Be a Teacher

BenDeLaCreme is part of a burlesque troupe based in Seattle, and seems as she’s quite good at the art of burlesque, she also happens to teach it too. When she’s not camping up the stage, you’ll find her teaching classes at Seattle’s Academy of Burlesque.

She Narrates a Popular Web Series

Capitol Hill, described as “a dark comedy and a queer deconstruction of narrative cliches and traditional gender norms”, is set in Seattle (where else?) and follows the journey of a man from rags to fame.

BenDeLaCreme stars as the narrator in each episode, whilst many other Drag Race stars, such as Jinkx Monsoon and Robbie Turner, also make appearances throughout the show. Inspired by the likes of Twin Peaks and Dynasty, it’s a campy delight.

You can watch Capitol Hill right here.

Her Name Comes From Where You Think It Does

Yep, if you thought that BenDeLaCreme sounded a bit like Crème de la Crème then Congragulations! You are the winner of this week’s challenge!

The French term literally means the cream of the cream, also better referred to as “The very best”. It’s quite a fitting name, really.

Lastly, First and Foremost: She’s a Performer

Not only are DeLa’s performances as a drag queen and burlesque star both hugely entertaining, she also puts on many of her own productions. As one third of the “DeLouRue Presents” production company, their shows have impressed audiences around Seattle and the rest of the USA.

Some of the amazingly-titled productions she’s been involved in include BenDeLaCreme: Beware the Terror of Gaylord ManorInferno A-Go-Go, and Terminally Delightful.

Fingers crossed her appearance on All Stars will encourage a worldwide tour of one of the shows!

Let’s take a look at one of BenDeLaCreme’s amazing lip syncs during her original run on Drag Race:

Catch BenDeLaCreme and the rest of the All Stars queens on Thursday 25th January at 8PM on VH1.

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