Video Highlights Racism By Preference In Gay Dating Apps

New video showlights the racism that comes with people stating preferences on dating apps.

MTV Decoded is a weekly series hosted by Franchesca Ramsey that aims to educate and raise awareness of topics that relate to young people through funny and thought-provoking ways.

The latest video in the series set out to highlight the potential racism that comes with people citing preferences on their dating profiles. The video saw Dylan Marron take on hosting duties in an episode focusing on discrimination within LGBTQ+ dating apps.

Anyone who has used dating apps in the past will be far too aware of the fact that alongside the “no femmes” headlines, there’s also people who openly state “no asians” or “no blacks”. The video puts up the argument that some of this racism has become so normalised that many people are unaware that what they are saying and preferring to is considered to be racist.

In the video, which you can watch below, Marron states that “society often characterises non-white features as unattractive.”

Marron also adds:

If our stereotypes about race are learned, and that impacts what we find attractive, these preferences are actually just a product of an environment that allows racism.

“Some forms of discrimination have become so ingrained in gay culture that we don’t even realise when we’re perpetuating them.

Watch the MTV Decoded episode right here:

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