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Study reveals that there’s no such thing as a cheating gene

As part of a Mother’s Day campaign, Bloom&Wild have looked into what genes are inherited from our parents.

Using the most frequent questions asked on Google surrounding genetics, the flower company asked Dr. Daniel Kelberman, from Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, to bust these myths.

Is there such a thing as a cheating gene?

Dr Kelberman says: “No – such behaviours are acquired and nothing to do with genetics.

“[Speaking generally about behaviour-related genetics], there are lots of studies on the genes involved in inheritance, most of which are contentious. There are potentially thousands of genes involved, and our estimates at present only account for a very small amount of what is inherited.”

This therefore means cheating is something you may act out with on your own and not inherited from your parents. 

What about the so-called ‘skinny gene’? Turns out that’s a myth too. “Some genes have been associated with waist-to-hip ratio but the biological reasons for this are unclear (possibly involved with regulation of the distribution of fat),” says Dr Kelberman.

“But the genes count for a very small amount of the variation between different people.”

What determines the shape of our face?

Dr Kelberman’s answer: “Multiple genes are involved with the formation of the face, and subtle changes in the way these genes work is what makes us all look different.

Some genes can influence different components of the face – for example the distance of the eyes from the nose, length and width of the nose, height of the mid part of the face or the forehead, and so on.”

Sara Gordon, VP of Brand and Design and Bloom&Wild Said: “As our study shows, we inherit a lot of our features but also our personality from our Mother’s, this time of year is perfect is to honour them for this.

“Whether that is through a large or small gesture be sure to make your Mum feel special this Mother’s Day”.

There we go, then.

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