Samuel Cole / Mark Lister

This Dancer Painted Himself In Every Colour of the Rainbow

Wearing the rainbow flag with pride takes new meaning.

The rainbow flag is a statement for all LGBTQ+ people to be proud of who they are. Some people will wear the flag as face paint during Pride marches, whilst others will get naked and cover themselves in the rainbow itself.


Inspired by the feeling of pride and power he gets from the rainbow flag, dancer Samuel Cole is at the forefront of a new portrait collection where he explores every colour of the popular rainbow symbol.

Photographed by Mark Lister, the series of portraits sees Cole use his body as a canvas.

Speaking to Gaystarnews, Cole explained the message behind the collection:

The meaning for me is a sense of expression and the whole process can be very spontaneous as to how I’m feeling on that day. The LGBTI community is very important to me so I’m constantly thinking of ways to express that through my work.

But I like to give the audience and anyone who looks at the images to find their own meaning and connection to my work. Whenever someone contacts me to say they wish they could do that or create work like mine I always say yes you can and to me, that’s really why I do it.


The collection also sees Cole take on messages with colours that might not typically be expected. Stating that “sometimes it was as clear as choosing a colour that is gender specific and then breaking the binary mold.”

You can follow Samuel Cole on Instagram.

Samuel Cole / Mark Lister
Samuel Cole / Mark Lister
Samuel Cole / Mark Lister
Samuel Cole / Mark Lister

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